imagePROGRAF iPF6410 / 6460

Designed for professionals in graphics, fine art, photography and proofing markets

Superb print quality with precision printing with advanced print head and color technologies, it offer solution to professionals seeking highest possible standards for quality-control and image reproduction.

  • 12 colour ink system
  • Print size: 24" (A1+)
  • Optimised for graphics


New Multi-sensor & Color Calibration Management System

The new Multi-senor included with this printer provides improved colour density detection and allows for a full calibration to be completed within 15 minutes, with the ability to use non-Canon branded media. The New Color Calibration Management System allows for colour calibration targets to be created using the iPF6460 with optional spectrophotometer and shared across all new iPFX410 12-colour printers, and the included software allows for all printers on the network to be monitored from one central location.

130/300ml Ink Tanks & 250GB Hard Disk

Both printer supports ink tank sizes of 130ml and for the first time, 300ml, and the new sub-ink tank keeps some ink in reserve to allow for tanks to be changed without interrupting a print. iPF6460 is also equipped with large 250GB hard drive, geared to increase productivity in high volume printing and streamlined workflows, while allowing faster processing of large files as well as the ability to reprint jobs directly from printer.

Optional SU-21 Spectrophotometer

The iPF6460 had an optional SU-21 Spectrophotometer features a scan speed of 10 inches per second and can accommodate media of different thicknesses (Canon or non-Canon brand) thanks to the mobile carriage the device is placed on, which attaches right onto the front of the printer. The device also includes a user-switchable UV blocking filter that can be switched on and off according to paper type, eliminating the need to purchase individual sensors.

All prices above are recommended retail price in VND, unless otherwise stated.