Canon inspires Hanoi to “Live what you love” in an action-packed
    2018 PhotoMarathon
    Hanoi, October 27th 2018 – 12 years in, and the Canon PhotoMarathon just keeps getting stronger.  The 2018 campaign kicked off in Hanoi with over 3,800 registered marathoners keen to put the year’s ‘Live What You Love’ theme into action with a day of vibrant and exciting images.
    The annual Canon PhotoMarathon creates an electric atmosphere as it turns entire cities into photographic playgrounds every year. The contest calls upon a combination of technical photographic proficiency, a sharp eye and a creative mind from its contestants.  The contest includes drone and action-cams to get the most out of their cities.  The 13th running called upon young photographers to test themselves and their talents before the discerning eyes of the judging panel.

    Group Photo

    2018 stuck to the winning formula of a ‘Zero Hour’ topic-reveal as its aspiring photographers raced against the clock to generate the best images they could of their town.
    The judging panel including illustrious shooters Tran Tuan Viet, Hai Thanh and Ha Kin.  They were joined by Canon Marketing Vietnam’s CEO Mr. Hiroshi Yokota.  This year’s topics include:
    1. Vietnam Pride
    2. The Passion
    3. The Strenuous
    After nine hours of competition and thousands of images, the Hanoi PhotoMarathon Hanoi ultimately announced the following victors:
    • Special Prize: The invitation to attend the Canon PhotoMarathon Asia Championship 2019 at Japan. 1 Canon EOS 6D Mark II, 1 Canon Pixma Pro-100.
      • TRAN HUU LONG - HN9177 – Canon 5D Mark III
    • First Prize: 01 Canon EOS 80D + EF-S18-55mm IS STM + 01 Printer Canon Pixma TS8070
    • Topic 1 – “Vietnam Pride”: TRAN THI PHUONG HOA - HN9902 – Canon 5D Mark II
    • Topic 2 – “The Passion”: Le Minh Hieu – HN9611 – Canon 7D
    • Topic 3 – “The Strenuous”: PHAM VAN HOC – HN8686 – Nikon D800E
    • Second Prize: 01 Canon EOS 800D + EF-S18-55mm IS STM + 01 Printer Canon Pixma ip7270
    • Topic 1 – “Vietnam Pride”: NGUYEN THI HUONG DUNG – HN0009 – FUJI X100T
    • Topic 2 – “The Passion”: VU THI HONG THAM – HN5111 – Canon 700D
    • Topic 3 – “The Strenuous”: LE VIET KHANH – HN7398 – Canon 5D Mark IV
    • Third Prize: 01 Canon EOS M50+ EF M-15-45mm + 01 Printer Canon Pixma MG3670
    • Topic 1 – “Vietnam Pride”: TRUONG ANH DUC – HN1000 – Canon 6D Mark II
    • Topic 2 – “The Passion”: NGUYEN QUANG MINH – HN6911 – Canon 5D Mark II
      • Topic 3 – “The Strenuous”: NGUYEN HUU QUYNH – HN5992 – Canon 5D
    Mr. Hiroshi Yokota, Canon Marketing Vietnam Chief Executive Officer expressed: “Canon doesn’t only aim at bringing best imaging experience to everyone, but from which inspires people about the daring spirit of living and pursuing what we love. At PhotoMarathon Hanoi 2018, so many beautiful moments were captured by these young contestants. We are glad to help the young generation live what they love, which is the passion for photography.”

    The photo of Tran Huu Long took top honors for the day

    Judge Hai Thanh shared that he is very impressed with this photo which took out the day’s top prize: “In a photo contest there are so many good photos, but the winning photo is chosen based on composition, content, and the principle it conveys. This photo creates a reflection of labor, which demonstrates the hard work of the subjects and a passion for the work.”
    Candidate Tran Huu Long shared his feelings after winning a ticket to the Canon PhotoMarathon Asia Championship 2019, saying: “On my way back toward my home, I caught and captured this moment.  It took a few shots to get this exactly the way I wanted it.  I really want to thank Canon for the PhotoMarathon.  I work in construction and just love to take photos on the weekends, so I don’t get a lot of opportunities to take the camera out and test my passion for photography.  Every year the Canon PhotoMarathon inspires us to compose images instead of just ‘shoot photos.’”

    Candidate Tran Thi Phuong Hoa won the first prize in the “Vietnam Pride” category

    Judge Hai Thanh commented: "Each image in the short list has strengths and weaknesses, it is difficult to make decisions on which to select or discard. But  in this case, following Canon’s criteria, the judges unanimously choose the work of Phuong Hoa because the moment feels natural, soft even, the image of the elder man in his pyjamas made us feel close to him. The photograph shows the photographer's technique with a vertical frame, tight, and emotional appeal."
    Candidate Phuong Hoa said: "I went around and took some photos, but I was not happy with what I had shot, so I headed home where I saw my grandfather and my two children playing together. I talked about taking the topic for the Canon PhotoMarathon and they grabbed the flag and headed outside where I caught this moment. This is the first time I have joined Canon PhotoMarathon, so I'm thrilled to win. Thanks Canon for hosting this contest that gives photographers like me a playground to live with passion."

    Le Minh Hieu won the first prize in the “Passion” category

    Commenting on Le Minh Hieu’s photo, judge Ha Kin said she was impressed with how the photo was composed: “Hieu’s photo perfectly combines the beauty of light, fitness and clarity. It has shown the girl’s passion for training in a way that brings honor to her country.

    Pham Van Hoc won first prize in topic “The Strenuous

    Judge Tran Tuan Viet commented on Pham Van Hoc’s photo: “This is a very different shot, like no other photo in its category. It beautifully merged the elements of composition, colors and content. This photo was widely praised by all of the judges.
    Van Hoc shared his thought after won the award:I set about looking for something special, but as I walked by the canal, at the bottom of the Nhat Tan Bridge, I saw this moment.  It’s my third Canon PhotoMarathon, and my advice to people joining is to spend some time after they get the topics to give some thoughts as to how they would like the photo to look before hitting the streets.”
    Once again Canon has donated all registration fees to the “Canon – For the future generation” to build new classrooms and offer school facilities for disadvantaged students across Vietnam.
    The Canon PhotoMarathon 2018 wraps up in Ho Chi Minh City on 3 November 2018.

    Other Prizes

    Impressive and Funny Photos

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