High image quality on par with professional camcorders, the Legria HF G25 possesses a rich array of manual functions let you create images just the way you want.


HD CMOS Pro (20% higher sensitivity)

Large, high performance, imaging sensor adapted from Canon professional camcorders for brilliant high-quality video images. With full HD resolution, video is captured as it is, ensuring sharp and clear images without the need for internal image resizing. Large pixel size and 20% higher sensitivity, allows HD CMOS Pro imaging sensor not only to capture low light scene brilliantly but also extended dynamic range for finely gradated images even in high-contrast scenes (Auto Dynamic Range control).

8-Bladed Iris

For a smooth and professional-looking background 'bokeh' effect. Artistic, out-of-focus rendition allows for more expressive shots with shallow field of depth. Now with revolutionary Cinema Style, so can create sensational movies directly from the camcorder.

Lens hood with lens barrier

A large lens hood, incorporating a lens barrier that protects the lens without the need for a lens cap, is included as standard. Simply move the slider switch on the side of the hood to open and close the lens barrier. The hood can also be attached to the camcorder when a filter is mounted.

All prices above are recommended retail price in VND, unless otherwise stated.