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Environment, health and safety

Guided by its kyosei philosophy that focuses on "living and working together for the common good", Canon is dedicated to the green movement and being socially-responsible and has various programmes in place.

You can read about Canon's cartridge recycling programme below. Also:

  • The official policies page contains the details of Canon's QEHS policy, the Canon Group Environmental Charter and our Environmental certifications (ISO 14001 and Green Label Certification).
  • Some of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities focus on protecting the environment.
  • For many of our products a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available to enable safe use of our products at the workplace and home. The MSDS is a reference document of chemical ingredients found in our products which contains information on its chemical and physical properties, as well as first aid measures to be taken in the event of an accident.

E-Waste Recycling program

Canon Marketing Vietnam Ltd. (CMV) has officially launched a free Collectible E-Waste Recycling program, in cooperation with Le Bao Minh Jsc., a distributor of CMV in Vietnamese market. Canon’s main retail stores in Hanoi and HCM will be the locations to collect the used products.

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According to the research from Center for Development and Integration, Vietnamese people throw away up to 90,000 tons of e-Waste into the environment annually. This type of waste contains many kinds of heavy metal such as lead, mercury... which not only affect human’s health, but also pollute earth, water, air, and the food we consume, and leave consequence beyond its control.

Henceforth, Canon organizes this program based on the motivation of promoting environment responsibility and some relevant regulations of competent authorities. The program includes several activities such as recycling, free recovery of e-Waste to be handled in a closed process, recover recyclable materials.

In particular, electronic devices like laptop, mobile phone, CD, TV, LCD, camera... and even ink cartage, after being recovered, will be sent to many institutions, authorized by CMV, to be sorted, dismantled, separated, and reused for new products, without any harm to the environment.

"Canon conducts this campaign to help consumers aware of the harms caused by e-Waste, as well as to encourage the community to bring the unused devices to the recovery locations of the program," Mr. Hiroshi Yokota, General Director of Canon Marketing Vietnam, said. "Besides, through this program, Canon wants to reduce the number of fake products made from old equipment to ensure the safety and benefits of consumers."

The program will be officially launched from July 1st 2016 and deployed at these below locations:
Hanoi - Le Bao Minh Service Center, 130A Giang Vo, Ba Dinh.
HCM - Le Bao Minh Service Center, 184 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, Ward 6, District 3.