Does the camcorder feature double slot recording where the same clip can be recorded to both memory cards in the memory card slots? (VIXIA HF G20 / LEGRIA HF G25)



    Double slot recording allows you to record the same scene simultaneously to both memory cards. This is a convenient way to make a backup copy of your recording while you record.
    • If a memory card becomes full during double slot recording, recording on both cards will stop.
    • If an error occurs with one of the memory cards, recording will continue on the other card.
    • During Story Creator mode double slot recording are not available.

    Making the double slot recording setting
    To record the same clip to two different memory cards simultaneously, you need to make the double slot recording setting in advance.

    1. Set the mode switch to <M> or <CINEMA>.

    2. Turn on the camcorder.

    3. Touch [ ].

    4. Touch [ ].

    5. Touch [ ].

    6. Drag your finger up and down bring [ Rec Media for Movies ] into the orange selection bar, and touch inside the frame on the right.

    7. Touch [ A ].

    8. Touch [ Double Slot Rec ].

    9. Touch [ON].

    10. Touch [ ] to close the menu.

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