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The EOS C70 is Canon’s first RF Mount Cinema EOS Camera. Integrating a DGO sensor, ND Filters, Mini XLR audio inputs and even timecode all into a compact lightweight body, the EOS C70 is a rethink on the possibilities of what a small cinema camera is able to achieve.
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Canon ra mắt máy quay từ xa ngoài trời chuẩn 4K dùng để sản xuất video và hỗ trợ nhiều cảnh quay đa dạng

01 Dec 2021 — Canon thông báo ra mắt chiếc máy quay từ xa ngoài trời chuẩn 4K CR-X300, là một hệ thống máy quay từ xa IP mới dành cho hoạt động sản xuất video ngoài trời.

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Canon Announces 18-inch 4K/HDR Professional Display which Delivers Superior Image Quality Performance

01 Dec 2021 — Canon announced today the launch of the DP-V1830 4K professional display. The DP-V1830 features improved core components which includes a high-image-quality display engine, revamped high-resolution algorithms, panels and backlighting system—all of which deliver a significant increase in image quality performance. While satisfying HDR standards , the display features a compact and lightweight 18-inch body that is ideal for use in confined spaces including broadcast relay vans and sub-control rooms. Through these improvements, along with the versatile 4K high-image-quality performance demanded by professionals in the industry, Canon helps to facilitate an efficient workflow in a wide variety of production environments.

Canon’s Cinema EOS System Celebrated 10-year Anniversary

Canon’s Cinema EOS System Celebrated 10-year Anniversary

04 Nov 2021 — Canon Inc. announced today that the company is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its Cinema EOS System of professional digital cinema camera and lens products for the film and visual production industries. Since its debut, the company’s line of products has received an abundance of support from professional filmmakers around the world.

Canon công bố ra mắt sản phẩm camera thông minh PowerShot Pick

Canon công bố ra mắt sản phẩm camera thông minh PowerShot Pick

02 Nov 2021 — Canon today launched the PowerShot PICK, a portable AI-powered camera which is built to automatically capture everyday moments with photos or videos. With in-built features of face-capture technology, the PowerShot PICK will automatically recognise faces around it and capture (via video or photography) memorable moments in a candid manner without you having to be behind the camera!




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