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    Canon’s RF35mm f/1.4L VCM: Empowering a New Generation of Visual Expression

    A classic large aperture prime lens reimagined and redesigned for a new era

    Ho Chi Minh City, 6 June 2024 — Canon today announced the RF35mm f/1.4L VCM, a professional prime lens for the RF mount and the first to feature Canon’s new Voice Coil Motor (VCM) AF system. This compact RF version of Canon's classic 35mm f/1.4L lens offers stunning visuals, ease of use, dependability, and high performance for both video and still production— to meet the needs of professional production and serve as a differentiating factor for content creation.

    Ichinomiya Takashi, Director of Regional ICB Sales & Marketing, Canon Singapore, said, “We are excited to launch the first in a new series of lenses with our latest VCM AF capability. Besides the introduction of the new drive system, the RF35mm f/1.4L VCM also comes with a large aperture and clickless iris ring that provide users the opportunities to create beautiful content with minimal effort required. It is our belief that the RF35mm f/1.4L VCM would empower content creators to achieve their desired outcome while switching seamlessly between photos and videos.”

    Outstanding Focus Control with VCM

    The Voice Coil Motor (VCM) is a high-thrust AF drive system that uses a magnetic field to drive the lens group, which is well-suited to drive larger, heavier lenses in the RF35mm f/1.4L VCM’s focusing lens group. It works in tandem with the compact Nano USM, which drives the lightweight floating lens groups, and an advanced new control algorithm that improves response during Servo AF and high-speed continuous shooting, to achieve high precision focusing for stills and seamless focus transitions for video. The high degree of control and precision ensures that focus is where it should be even when shooting close-ups at the 0.28 m closest focusing distance or utilising the shallow focus possibilities of the lens’ wide f/1.4 maximum aperture.

    For Expressive Storytelling with Superior Image Quality

    The RF35mm f/1.4L VCM’s wide f/1.4 maximum aperture is both a source of creative potential and a technical necessity. It creates beautiful bokeh that makes subjects stand out and heightens visual impact. At the same time, it ensures the visibility of focus transitions essential for video storytelling. The extra light it allows in not only provides greater leeway with exposure settings in low light situations, but also alleviates practical concerns such as getting clean footage without using additional lighting.

    The 11-blade circular aperture design ensures beautiful round bokeh lights in out of focus areas even when the aperture is stopped down—and stunning 22-pointed starbursts at narrow apertures.

    As an L-series professional-grade lens, the visual possibilities are assured with optics and special coatings designed for the best image quality. Images are stunningly clean and sharp with minimal aberrations from the centre through to the corners. This results in well-suppressed chromatic aberration even near the focus peak and smooth, beautifully resolved bokeh. With Air Sphere Coating (ASC), flare and ghosting under backlit conditions will be effectively reduced.

    In addition to the 67 mm screw-on filters, the RF35mm f/1.4L VCM is equipped with a rear filter holder that can take sheet filters which provide more creative ways to shoot. Certain effects or results can also be achieved as users have the option to utilise two different filters.

    Clickless Iris Ring for Easy Operability

    At approximately 555 g, the RF35mm f/1.4L VCM is around 27% lighter than its EF predecessor, the EF35mm f/1.4L II USM, contributing to a more mobile setup especially when users incorporate deliberate camera movement to their shots.

    The RF35mm f/1.4L VCM is Canon’s second RF lens that is not in the Canon’s Cinema Lenses range, which features a clickless iris ring. This stems from videographers' feedback and deeper understanding of their work processes, wherein Canon’s developers recognised their desire for direct aperture control during filming. The layout of the rings and buttons is designed to allow videographers to operate comfortably, with the direction of the ring rotation identical to Cinema EOS system cinema lenses for seamless cross-usage of lens systems.

    The RF35mm f/1.4L VCM is Canon’s first RF lens to have a focus ring that can be customised to work like a control ring on compatible cameras [1]. On the left side of the lens barrel, there is a programmable lens function button that provides another option for users to control directly functions like the AF stop.

    Other Notable Features

    Get sharp hand held slow shutter images with up to 7 stops of image stabilisation through the Coordinated Control IS when paired with compatible cameras. Have a peace of mind when shooting outdoors with the RF35mm f/1.4L VCM’s dust- and drip-resistance.

    [1] Not possible on EOS R, RP, Ra, R5, R5C or R6. Also note that when the focus ring is used as control ring, the original control ring is disabled.

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