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    Canon Announces Functional Expansion Unit for Digital Cinema Cameras to Enhance Live Event Video Production

    SINGAPORE, 07 September 2022 — Canon announced today the launch of the EU-V3, a functional expansion unit for the EOS C500 Mark II (released in December 2019) and the EOS C300 Mark III (released in June 2020) models of Canon digital cinema cameras.

    In recent years, there has been a growing need to accommodate a preference for shallow depth of field and smooth background blur in the recording of concerts and other live events. In response to this trend, Canon has announced the EU-V3, an external functional expansion unit for its EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III. Designed for video production at live events, the expansion unit increases the operational capability of these two cameras which has earned high praise for their large-format sensor that enables rich videographic expression.

    By attaching the EU-V3 to either the EOS C500 Mark II or EOS C300 Mark III, the cameras gain additional input/output terminals necessary for live video production. Specialized features for live broadcasting include a “tally” function that indicates which camera the live video is being captured with, and a “return” function that notifies operators which camera is currently broadcasting live. In addition, the unit supports the “focus position guide” function that enables operators to register a desired focus position and display the current focus position on-screen. This makes fast-focusing possible during live productions without missing a single moment.

    Use of the EU-V3 attachment with the EOS C500 Mark II or EOS C300 Mark III requires installation of firmware, which Canon will provide free of charge in mid October 2022. By installing this firmware, the cameras will gain support for Canon’s proprietary IP (Internet Protocol), XC Protocol, thus enabling control of cameras via a network. In addition, the firmware update will provide support for the CN8 x 15 IAS S/E1 and CN8 x 15 IAS S/P1 EF Cinema lenses, as well as 4ch audio parameter display and other functionality.

    The EU-V3 will be available in late 2022.

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